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The Idea Forum is used to submit ideas for projects in order to get feedback and suggestions. It also offers the ability for members of the ITPC Community to vote and offer resources and/or funding to for the proposal. ITPC Committee members are encouraged and requested to post ideas for projects and help host the discussions within the ITPC Community. Once an idea has had a fair amount of discussion and participants are generally supportive of the idea, the PMO will create a poll to allow for people to vote up a proposal and to offer resources and/or funding.

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Most job titles in Banner are in caps and are abbreviated.  For example, DATABASE APP PGMR.  There have been some inquires into establishing a new field in Banner that could accommodate a more meaningful title (e.g. Database Application Programmer).   Once populated in Banner, this title could be made available in the EDW.  Downstream systems could then consume and use the new title as needed.  This idea is based upon a CCSP discussion on Pretty Names for Job Titles.

Thoughts on the usefulness of this ability?

Posted by Guest  On Jun 16, 2017 at 4:59 PM

Faculty have expressed a desire and need to be able to use a Published Professional Name (PPN).  While their legal name is required for some documents such as W4, Form I9 or Direct Deposit, a legal name does not meet their needs related to their faculty profile.  In some cases publications, grants and courses have been carried out under a PPN.  Not being able to use and display that name in certain cases greatly reduces the effectiveness of their professional presence.  In addition, many of the University's peers already support the use of a PPN.

Tony Kerber

Posted by Guest  On May 04, 2017 at 8:27 AM

Students currently have the ability to designate a preferred first name (PFN).  Would employees benefit from having similar functionality?  This PFN could be created and maintained by the employee within the UI New Hire and/or NESSIE systems.  The PFN could then be placed in the EDW so that it could be accessed and used by the University colleges and departments.  

 Is this something desirable?

Tony Kerber

Posted by Guest  On May 04, 2017 at 8:25 AM