The Information Technology Priorities Committee (ITPC) process provides a common approach to solicit, review, prioritize and execute administrative information technology projects involving University Administration (UA) information technology resources.

The ITPC process monitors administrative IT initiatives from project inception through the end of a project’s life cycle.  The process authorizes both labor and financial resources for selected projects. ITPC covers administrative technology projects that: involve resources from a University Administration unit, involve campus based units that plan to offer an administrative system for the entire campus, interface with an enterprise system or, seek funding from the central pool of administrative information technology dollars allocated by the Academic Affairs Planning Council.

FY15 Annual Report

The FY15 ITPC Annual Report is available!

Image of annual report 


The November issue of the ITPC newsletter, ITPC Info, is available.  This newsletter provides a summary of each quarter's ITPC review process, highlights of a selected project, and other important process information.

Current Project Status

Project information is updated and assembled monthly.  The ITPC Monthly Report contains: One Page Summary | Funding Analysis | Project Status Summaries | Project Performance Analysis | Work Request Analysis

Download the recent status report

Project proposal templates

Please use these templates for all new ITPC Project Proposals:

  • Level 1 proposal, for projects with total budgets between $20,000 and $100,000 or involving between 250 and 850 hours of effort.
  • Level 2 proposal, for projects with total budgets between $100,000 and $250,000 or involving 850 to 5,000 hours of effort.
  • Level 3 proposal, for projects with total budgets greater than $250,000 or involving greater than 5,000 hours of effort.

Project Request Information

Submit a Project: Description of project sizes and the appropriate request type and proposal for each.

Committee Review Schedule: Current schedule and deadlines for proposals for ITPC and its subcommittees.

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