University of Illinois System

Project Execution & Monitoring

Once a project is initiated and a project coordinator is assigned, detailed planning, analysis and requirement definition should occur for a project. A product of this planning phase will be a project plan including a task timeline, resource assignment and effort estimation. It is requirement for Levels 2 and 3 projects and recommended for Level 1 projects that the project sponsor and any other organizations committing resources review and approve this plan. A Level 2 or 3 project is not permitted to proceed to the development phase until this stakeholder agreement is received.

For Level 1 projects where a detailed project plan is not produced, at a minimum, the information for the budget and timeline must be completed on the ITPC Project Status Document. Once this detailed plan is complete, the project will be baselined for budgeted hours and timeline. This baseline information will be tracked against for project performance and will be the basis for computing project metrics.

In the instance where the baseline estimate exceeds the ITPC approved estimate by 50% for a Level 1 project or 30% for a Level 2 or 3 project, the project must go back to ITPC for additional review. In addition, for Level 1 projects, if the baseline estimate exceeds 120 days of effort or $100,000, the project must go back to ITPC for approval as a Level 2 proposal. Similarly, for Level 2 projects, if the baseline estimate exceeds 120 days of effort or $250,000, the project must go back to ITPC for approval as a Level 3 proposal.

If in the course of a project, there is a documented and approved change in scope or approved change in timeline, the project may be rebaselined with the approval of the ITPC. ITPC must approve any material change in scope for an approved project. A material change in scope is defined as a 25% change in project duration or a 10% change in resource requirements.

Proposal and Project Monitoring

Approved, In Progress Projects

For projects in flight, the following will trigger an ITPC review:

  • Dollar cost exceeds 110% of baseline budget.
  • Effort in hours exceeds 110% of baseline budget
  • Project duration exceeds 125% of baseline budget

Approved, To Be Scheduled Projects

  • During the quarterly prioritization and scheduling process, any proposals that have been approved but are not scheduled to execute in the next twelve months are returned to ITPC for further review.

Submitted, Under Review Proposals

  • Project proposals will not be accepted into the process without complete proposal information.

Projects exceeding any of the above thresholds as reported on the project status summary report, with more than 30 days left until project completion, will be reviewed by ITPC at their next meeting. The ITPC may suspend any projects not proceeding satisfactorily at its discretion.