Cross-Functional Group (XFG)


Note: The membership of the cross-functional group must contain 50% of campus representatives and also have representation from each campus. The current voting membership breakdown is 7 (54%) campus representatives and 6 UA representatives.

  • Chair: Cynthia Cobb, Interim Director PPMO, AITS
  • Kelly Block, Interim Associate Vice President AITS
  • Stephanie Dable, Interim Senior Director, Technical Application Management, AITS    
  • Rick Getty, Assistant Director Information Solutions, AITS
  • Gloria Keeley, Assistant Vice President Admin Services, OBFS
  • Brent Rasmus, Assistant Controller, OBFS
  • Brenda Hixon, Interim Director of Business Solutions and Support (BSS)
  • Robbie Witt, Deputy Director of Staff Human Resources, UIUC
  • Tony Kerber, Senior Director, AITS Strategy, AITS
  • Ken Scott, Manager HRIS, UHR
  • Mike Kamowski, Director Office of Student Systems Services, UIC
  • Rod Hoewing, Interim Registrar, UIUC
  • Brian Catherwood, Technical Analyst, Office of Records and Registration, UIS

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