Human Resources Subcommittee (ITPC HR)

The Information Technology Priorities Committee Human Resources Subcommittee (ITPC HR) is the governing body for human resource related information technology projects which are part of the ITPC process. The subcommittee provides a common approach to solicit, review, and prioritize HR related IT projects. 

ITPC HR also serves as the advocate for HR stakeholders seeking their input, representing their interests and communicating ITPC related topics to them.


  • *Chair:Tony Kerber, UA, Senior Director of Human Resources Information Systems Strategy
  • Elyne Cole, UIUC, Associate Provost for Human Resources
  • Stephanie Haas, UIUC, Associate Director, Academic Human Resources
  • Ken Scott, UIC, Manager HRIS
  • Michael Ginsburg, UIC, Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
  • Jami Painter, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, System Office
  • Natalie Taylor, UIS, Assistant Provost    
  • Deb Stone, UIUC, Director of Academic Human Resources
  • Melissa Anne Mlynski, UIS, Senior Director of Human Resources
  • Angela Yudt, UIC, Associate Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs HR

Vision Documents

The HR ITPC Subcommittee has developed vision statements to coordinate future development and enhancements to the HR systems. The vision documents are designed to:

  • Provide a description of new ideas for potential ITPC HR projects in an easily digestible format
  • Provide visibility to HR stakeholders on project ideas that are being considered and allow feedback on those projects
  • Serve as input to the ITPC HR portfolio planning process

These projects may be brought forth as ITPC projects at the appropriate time.


ITPC HR Subcommittee Vision Documents and Statuses

To conduct an analysis and develop and implementation plan for transferring data from the applicant systems of HireTouch and PRMS to the EDW to meet the reporting needs across the University.
Analysis project (ITPC-0371 Analysis to Extract and Load of Applicant and PRMS Data to EDW) has been completed. 
ITPC-0403 Acquisition of PRMS Data into the EDW completed 3/11/2013.
The creation of a suite of self-service Web applications consolidated within one site that facilitates and enhances the employee experience at the University of Illinois. The site will contain intelligence to determine the type of user and provides a tailored interface for the employee to conduct employee and HR related transactions.
Vision Approved
Develop two new technology services to assist academic employees and departments with the tracking and reporting of various leave balances. One service would provide for the exchange of leave information to and from Banner that could be used by campus units who currently have academic leave systems. The second service would be an ALTR system that would be available for use across the enterprise.
ITPC project (ITPC-0320) to build integration to Banner has been approved.

ITPC project (ITPC-0374 Enterprise Academic Leave Tracking and Reporting) has been approved to implement enterprise leave tracking application.
The purpose of this project is to conduct a formal requirement analysis, software evaluation for reviewing Form I-9 web-based systems that facilitate I-9 compliance and have the capability to provide electronic employment verification for new hires with both the Department of Homeland Security and with the Social Security Administration, utilizing the federal E-Verify program.
Vendor was selected as part of ITPC-0317. That project closed 01/05/2011. 

The Tracker I-9 system was implemented on July 11, 2011 as project ITPC-0342
Perform the analysis to review Banner Document Management Suite (BDMS) security with a special focus on developing a method of allowing HR departments/units to have access to BDMS and to restrict their access to only employee folders within their organization.
Work request for the analysis has been closed based on recommendation from work group. Recommendation is included at the end of the vision document
Add resume parsing functionality to the HireTouch application. This will allow applicants to upload a resume and the data from the resume to populate their application. Although a UIC concept, resume parsing could be implemented by other campuses.
Vision Approved.
A purchase order has been issued for the licensing of the resume parsing service. ImageTrend anticipates all integrations will be ready by December 2014.
The University has received its first contract containing the E-Verify clause and has signed the MOU for the use of the DHS E-Verify system. The E-Verify Work Group has discussed how the E-Verification process will work in the short term. The agreed upon process is very much hands on and has relatively very little technological support. The Work Group would like to begin the analysis to determine how technology could be used to assist with the University E-Verify process.
Vision Approved
The last major changes to the HRIS supported self-service benefit applications occurred in 2002. While the self-service applications have been successful, there are acknowledged deficiencies. These deficiencies are largely in the areas of navigation, usability, and accessibility; although there are also continued requests for new and improved functionality. The application could benefit from an overhaul and redesign in order to bring it up to contemporary Web design, human factors, and accessibility standards. New functionality should be explored to increase the level of service being offered and to increase the accuracy of the benefit transactions that are being generated.
Vision Approved
Perform the analysis in order to provide a secure and auditable method for a proxy user to complete selected sections of the NESSIE New Hire application on behalf of the new hire. The analysis would determine which sections of NESSIE New Hire could be completed by the proxy and which sections must be completed by the new hire.
Vision Denied.
Appendix I of the vision document contains reason for denial.
Perform the analysis and development activities that will lead to a redesigned NESSIE New Hire self-service application and content. The analysis would result in the requirements necessary to eliminate some of the bottlenecks and usability issues that currently exist.
Approved as ITPC project (ITPC-0373 New Hire Redesign Analysis)
Implementation project (ITPC-0461 New Hire Redesign Implementation) is underway. Anticipated roll out of new design is February 2015.
To conduct analysis on building a University-wide system for Position Control, which would allow the HR offices to collect and report state-required position data for the Biennial SUCCS Civil Service audit.
Approved as ITPC project (ITPC-0372 Position Control Analysis)
Implementation project (ITPC-0464 Position Tracking System for Civil Service Employees) has been approved. Waiting to be scheduled.
To utilize an enterprise-wide system to estimate costs of proposed/settled union contracts. Currently costing is done using different tools/methods at each campus. There is a business need to perform costing in a consistent method across all campuses to ensure estimates are comparable and reliable. 
Approved as ITPC project (ITPC-0370 Costing Application Analysis)
Extract filed I-9 form/E-Verify information from Tracker I-9 and add to EDW so the entire Form I-9/E-Verify data set can be analyzed and used in a multitude of ways.
Vision Approved (12/7/2011)
Identify an appropriate enterprise system to provide for a coordinated and cohesive approach for tracking labor and employee relations.
Vision Approved (4/3/2013)
HR currently has a number of forms which are manually completed and then routed for approval and signature. Using a manual method is time consuming and lacks the ability to monitor the form completion process.   The HR departments are in need of a more efficient method of creating forms, routing those forms and obtaining required signatures in a timely fashion. They would prefer to do this electronically, and have these completed forms stored in a repository.
Vision Approved (4/3/2013)