ITPC Committee Membership

The University of Illinois Information Technology Priorities Committee (ITPC) is the primary body that is responsible for evaluating administrative information technology initiatives from project inception through the end of a project's lifecycle. For large initiatives, the ITPC will forward its recommendations on to the Academic Affairs Planning Council (AAPC), which will make the final approval decision.

  • *Chair: Kelly Block, Associate Vice President for AITS
  • Clarice Ford, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, UIS
  • Tulio Llosa, Associate Provost for Information Technology and CIO, UIS
  • Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Chief Information Officer, UIC
  • Dimuthu Tilakaratne, Assistant Vice President of Decision Support, AITS, System Office
  • Ilir Zenku, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Health System Information Technology, UIC, UIC
  • Dale Rush, Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs, UIC
  • Jan Novakofski, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research for Compliance & Professor, Animal Sciences, UIUC
  • Kevin Browne, Vice Provost for Academic and Enrollment Services, UIC
  • Kristi Kuntz, Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Policies, UIUC
  • Kandace Turner, Assistant Director for Economic Development and Innovation, System Office
  • Laurel Newman, Executive Director of the Center for Academic Success, UIS
  • Greg Gulick, Interim Chief Information Officer, UIUC
  • Jami Painter, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, System Office
  • Michael Bass, Special Advisor to the President, System Office
  • Sarah Zehr, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, System Office
  • Anne Craig, Senior Director, Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI)
  • Andrea Brown, Coordinator, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Alumni Association
  • Kirstin Cordova, Director of Advancement Technology Programs and Governance, University of Illinois Foundation
  • Sandy Street, Assistant Vice President of Planning and Budgeting, System Office
  • Vacant, UIC Faculty Representative 
  • Vacant, UIUC Faculty Representative

The ITPC has been meeting regularly since January 2004. The committee has formed three functional groups that will make recommendations for projects that fall within their respective domains. Projects that do not fit into one of the three functional groups (e.g., capital programs) are handled by a Cross-functional group. For more information about these subcommittees, please see the right-hand navigation.

Recent meeting minutes